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What is RockSmith?
Best in the world with a real electric guitar to play the game, is the best electric guitar teacher!

Why recommend RockSmith?
When my son is 8 years old, I wanted him to learn a musical instrument, played drums and piano before, but did not encounter true love!
So, I downloaded GarageBand on iPad for him to play. I say you play this software and see which instrument sounds your favorite.
A few days later, he said Bali (he likes to call me). I like the sound, and I hear it as a guitar.
OK, I'll find you a guitar teacher to teach you guitar.
Start looking around the Internet, found an article that classical guitar important.
I went to find a classical guitar teacher, but a few days my child said that this guitar guitar sound is not right ah!
What did I say? He said he wanted this guitar. I carefully looked at it! Is an electric guitar, my father confused.
Then met Rocksmith, began the road to Rocksmith.
Now, every day to play, every day Hey skin! I also bought a guitar, two guitar together play! very comfortable! Very good software!

How do I start playing?
Buy the following products, you can start playing. If you need cooperation or consultation, please contact us by email: z58(at)

Rocksmith 2014 RockSmith data cable
Rocksmith 2014: The quickest way to learn guitar. Plug in any real guitar or bass, and join more than 1 million people who have learned with the award-winning Rocksmith Methodology. This is a continuation of the larger, better and faster. From the ground up to rebuild, you will experience new models, greatly improved features, new faces, more flexible and more in-depth practice tools, new technologies and tunes, more than 50 new popular songs, and so on. RockSmith Data Cable: it is not an ordinary line, built-in identification chip, is the world's several mainstream guitar music software essential partner. It is a guitar to connect the computer's recording line, built-in high-quality DAC audio chip, no distortion of sound quality, no noise, no delay, plug in the computer can be used.
RockSmith electric guitar RockSmith controller
RockSmith Electric Guitar: Squier brand from Fender, is the 20th century, 70 years Fender for some favorite Fender guitar young beginners specially developed sub-brand products, the lower the price and the top guitar and exactly the appearance and workmanship, So that Squier become a high-quality low-cost representative of the guitar lovers around the world to accept and love. RockSmith Controller: Holding electric guitar, with the foot control game operation, very convenient! The controller is connected to the computer through the USB interface, through the product-specific software to specify any key on the keyboard or key combination, through the way to control the button.
RockSmith iPad ( iPad mini / iPad Pro )  
RockSmith iPad ( iPad mini / iPad Pro ): RockSmith for iOS is now available as an iPad app on the App Store in Canada as part of what we call a soft launch. The app is free to download and features several tools that console and PC players already know and love, including interactive video lessons, dynamic difficulty that automatically tailors the difficulty to your skill level, and the celebrated Riff Repeater.   














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Rocksmith game developer is Ubisoft.

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